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Our goal at Champion Metal, the goal we think every good metal company should have, and the job we set out to do every day, is provide our customers, old and new, with expedient and convenient service that satisfies, a commitment to quality that’s hard to surpass, and our personal dedication to make your project a success.  

Because just like your building project, what we do isn’t just the sum of our parts—it’s how we put them together that make the difference.  So let us put something together for you.

Service: Getting you what you need, when you need it.

Quality: What you get is what you deserve—high quality metal products for solid prices with solid results.

Value: It’s not just about making the sale come true for us.  It’s about making your project, whatever it is, come true for you.

This is a metal supply company built by contractors, for contractors.   We’re here for you, we know what you need and what you expect, and we will deliver top quality customer service and professional value, with a product that will satisfy, and a team that makes sure you get what you need, when you need it.

Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska.



For more information about our services please give us a call at +1 319 331 1618.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are metal roofs noisy?

No, not in typical residential or commercial roofing applications.

I am sure you have been in a barn during a rain storm and you have noticed how loud it is.  The difference is that on houses the metal typically lays over some some type of substrate or even an existing roof.  The sound of rain will sound the same from a metal roof to a non-metal roof.

Can i put it over other roofing?


Metal roofs are installed over other roofs quite regularly because of how light they are.  We do not advise installing over shingles or wood shakes.  Wood roofing materials should be removed prior to the installation of a metal roofing product. 

How long will the metal last?

We are not exaggerating when we say most likely a lifetime. 

There will always be a number of variables that impact the longevity of the metal. Proper installation and understanding of the particular environment will guarantee a long life performance. 

How easy are metal roofs to repair or replace?

Metal roofs are no different in regards to repairing or replacing than any other roofing material.

Is it expensive?

Expensive is a very relative term. 

Yes, a metal roof is more expensive than many other roofing products, but you pay for what you get.  Its high value, life expectancy, and the benefits justify the higher initial cost. 

Will it rust?

Metal roofs have many advantages here. 

Certainly copper or aluminum roofs will not rust.  The technology in steel roof coating today includes heavy zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy coatings that provide excellent protections to the steel core. 

Will a metal roof make my building hot inside?

No, contrary to popular belief metal roofs actually reflect more heat than most roofing materials. 

In very hot areas of the country, metal roofs are used to significantly decrease energy costs for cooling.