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Perma-Mag is a highly corrosion-resistant hot dip coated steel sheet that has a coating layer of zinc, 6% aluminum, and 3% magnesium. Perma-Mag is better equipped to withstand the tests of time and nature than any other existing metal product. PERMA-MAG is the corrosion-resistant answer to all of your panel, trim, and siding needs.

The first and only metal to offer warranties for use in animal confinement buildings !



Warranties up to 20 years with proper installations 


PERMA-MAG is proven to be more corrosive resistant than steel, and more stable than aluminum, making it the perfect recipe for any agricultural or ocean siding home or business! 

HB 31

PERMA-MAG is proven to withhold against any agricultural corrosion. Whether your looking to build a hog barn or home, PERMA-MAG is right for you 

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Perma-Mag Metal Facts


Why is PERMA-MAG considered to be "a bridge" between galvanized steel and stainless steel?


PERMA-MAG offers superior corrosion resistance to galvanized steel but at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel. Applications which require high levels of corrosion resistance and low cost may prove perfect for PERMA-MAG
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Why is PERMA-MAG's corrosion reisitence superior to other coated products?


PERMA-MAG's unique chemical composition of Zm, Al and Mg combines to form a very tight and hard coating layer. This unique coating develops thin film by-producs that are remarkably corrosion resistant- even over cut edges.
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Superior Corrosion Resistance on Surface

Spray Testing

PERMA-MAG has superior corrosion resistance as compared to galvanized steel, 55% Al-Zn Alloy coated steel and Zn-55 Al alloy coated steel

PERMA-MAG has superior corrosion resistence on bend processed parts

Red Rust

PERMA-MAG Appearance of 1.0t bend processed parts on salt spray test (1801.0t bend, thickness 0.126″, coating weight on one side 0.40 oz/ft^2, no chem treat)


Why is PERMA-MAG enviornmentally friendly?


PERMA-MAG superior corrosion resistance will allow customers to significantly reduce coating thickness effectively decreasing the amount of minerals mined from the earth, reduces harmful runoff dispersed into the soil and reduces the coating residue at steel recycling plants
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How does the PERMA-MAG's coating layer migrate over cut Edges?


When the PERMA-MAG coating layer corrodes in the rain, Zn and Mg flow over the cut edges. These elements form a fine zinc-based protective film
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